Jan. 27th, 2009

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Yep, I'm still on holiday. Until next week.

And still mostly been reading on my loverly BeBook.

But, sadly, I've not really been reading wisely or well.

A friend gave me his extensive collection of SF and Fantasy eBooks (8 Gig), which contain some awesome stuff, and also some utter trash. Guess where I started?

So, a broad sample, starting with the Worst of it (and yes, it deserves capitals).

Adams, Robert: Horseclans novels.

Unbelievably bad.

I first read these when I was 12 or so (and still have the first three on a book shelf somewhere, I think) and went through the local library's entire collection. I recall really enjoying them.

Not any more. The gender and sexual politics are shocking - every bad guy (pretty much) is gay, and the books conflate homosexuality with paedophilia and a whole bunch of other offensive stuff.

I struggle to think of another example, but I seem to recall it to be a common theme in the work of certain of the US militaristic SF&F writers, particularly those writing post-apocolyptic stuff. They seem to want to blame the fall on social 'corruption and weakness' rather than on, say, the prevalence of gun-toting lunatics with hero fantasies and access to nuclear weapons.

Don't think I'll be returning to these.

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