Feb. 28th, 2009


Feb. 28th, 2009 09:23 am
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They say that there are two types of motorcyclists - those that have fallen off, and those that are about to.

I now fall into the former category rather than the latter, having dropped my bike after clipping a curb trying to avoid a cat that bolted out in front of me in the middle of a bend last night.

But, as with my previous history of vehicular related fuckups, I appear to have walked away largely unscathed - some (pretty bad) bruising on my hip, a lump on my head, some grazes on my arm, and a sore finger.

I'm more than happy to report that the safety gear made by Spyke (jacket), BMW (pants), AGV (helmet), and Johnny Rocket (gloves) did exactly what it is supposed to in protecting me from the worst of the impact.

I haven't gone back to the bike yet (I left it where it was and cabbed home), but I suspect it's fucked, sadly.

ETA: Just put the bike on the back of a tow truck, and it doesn't look as bad as I thought it was. Doesn't start, but the wheels go round and there doesn't seem to be too much structural damage. We'll see what the insurance assessor says, but I may get the actual bike back.
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Couple of photos of my bike gear, after crash.

It all held up pretty well - was a 50kmh low-side on a bend.

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