Jun. 21st, 2009

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I have had a fairly woeful few days.

For those who haven't caught my incessant whining on FBook, I got a nasty stomach bug last Thursday morning which left me feeling the worst I have in a long time. I originally assumed it was a pizza we ordered late on Wednesday night, but people at work tell me that I'm not the only one with it, so it's clearly just something going round.

It left me too sick to even concentrate on a book or a game - I spent most of Thursday and Friday either sleeping fitfully or watching daytime tele and wishing I was dead. And whining on Fbook, obviously.

On Saturday, as a reward for surviving the thing, I bought the last two seasons of The A Team and Bioshock.

I can see why Bioshock got the plaudits that it did - it's a beautiful, immersive game with a storyline that seems to be developing well and is clearly going interesting places. It's had some beautiful, funny and troubling moments already, and I'm only a few hours in.

It's a very different first person shooter than the standard militaristic memes I've been playing up until now, and I can see why it made such an impact.

But I suspect it's not a game I'm going to get that attached to, for a few reasons:

- It's very much a "go everywhere, see everything" kind of game, and they shit me - I hate worrying about missing content, or stuff that might make things easier, but I also hate wandering around aimlessly through (now) empty areas looking through piles of corpses, which is sort of necessary if you want to find all of that shit.

- Too many options to cycle through. Too many guns, too many powers. Halo taught us this lesson, and everyone should have learned it - allow two guns, and two alternative powers (grenades/whatever) at a time, and allow a one button switch between them. Any more is too frustrating to track on a console FPS.

It's a shame Bioshock fell into this trap, because there are heaps of fascinating ways to use your powers and weapons in the world - but I'm never quite cycled to the right one when I see the chance to do something interesting.

- Like most of the horror/atmospheric shooters, Bioshock almost never seems to vary the range that combat occurs at (close up), making it seem pretty samey most of the time. I have more fun playing the "run and cover" games like Gears of War, generally, and I quite like stealth shooters as well - both of those styles allow you to hide and snipe, run and gun, or move in and mix it close-up and personal, as the mood or situation strikes you.

But you just don't seem to have the option to vary the range at which you play in games like Bioshock and Doom, which I find annoying.

It's great game, though, don't get me wrong, it just doesn't quite hit my sweet spot. It might be spot on for [personal profile] angriest, though, or those people whose tastes are similar.
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I haven't had a cigarette since last Wednesday and only really just noticed.


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