Aug. 19th, 2009

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Or, why I love epidemiologists, part 142:

Real disease modelling on a theoretical zombie plague.

The good news? We don't have to bother with humanitarian programs like quarantining the fuckers, or searching for a cure - we can just break out the fucken' shotguns:

...if you try to quarantine the zombies you won’t catch them all, so “it’s basically humans fighting it out with slightly fewer zombies than there were before.” That’s not what you want, given that you’re dealing with flesh-eating, undead monsters that will either kill you or bite you and turn you into one of them.

If you go for a cure, “unless the cure was 100%, which it would never be in reality, you can’t turn all the zombies back.” You wind up with “this equilibrium where people are always switching back and forth” between human and zombie. Entirely unsatisfactory.

The only solution — and if we haven’t learned this from zombie movies, we haven’t learned a damn thing — is to mount wave after wave of military attacks. That should get rid of the zombies in about a week and a half, according to Smith?’s equations. And who can argue with equations?

Bonus - actual paper is embedded in the WSJ article, so it's all there if you want to read it...
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Fascinating New York Times profile on Ted Olson, the lawyer who's challenging Prop 8 in the US courts.

He's the same bloke who got Bush into the Whitehouse, and advised the same dickwad on the extension of presidential power, and has a long history of opposing affirmative action.

But, while I disagree with most of them, it looks like he's actually a man of some principles - he's opposed to government discrimination on the basis of sexuality for the same reasons (as he sees it) he's opposed to affirmative action: all should be equal before the law.

It's a fascinating article - and on the upside, Olson has won 44 of the 55 Supreme Court cases he's argued, and is very influential in conservative legal circles.


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