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Yet again Gerard Henderson delightfully and publicly proves that he has no idea how the internet works.

In his rush to have a go at the authors of the study who claimed the ABC has a conservative (rather than left wing) bias, Henderson published a drive by hit on one of the study authors, Joshua Gans (it's the September 18 edition - Henderson's blog doesn't allow you to link to individual entries, in another sign of his general incompetence).

In addition to criticising the study for using maths and still not coming to a conclusion he likes, Hendo has a go at Gans for linking to a pretty funny XKCD entry on how many urinals should be put in dunnies.

During the drive by hit, in yet another sign that Henderson not only fails to comprehend the internet on a fairly basic level but also lacks even a vestigial sense of humour, he assumes that:

a) it was a serious bit of research and is therefore an enormous waste of taxpayers' money and;
b) if Gan linked to it, it must be him wot wrote it.

It's a thing of beauty:

Since the release of the report, [Media Watch Dog] has been analysing the important contribution to human knowledge made by Professor Gans and his colleagues in Melbourne. ...MWD is particularly impressed by his work on, er, male urinals. Gans’ paper “Urinal protocol vulnerability” attempts to answer one of the key questions of our time. Namely: “When a guy goes to the bathroom, which urinal does he pick?” Good question, don’t you think?

MWD is particularly impressed by the learned professor’s attempt to analyse and graph what he refers to as the “International Choice of Urinal Protocol”. This is how Joshua Gans sees it...

Then, having been called on his error does he apologise and withdraw the comments? And as a side note, do you, dear readers, think he acquired a skerrick of a clue about the internet from the exchange?


As previously advised, I am willing to run an explanation in MWD as to how urinal analysis got on Professor Gans’ website. All I can say is that nothing goes on The Sydney Institute’s website without my approval as the Institute’s executive director.

The fact is that a paper titled “Optimal Number of Urinals” and signed by Joshua Gans is on Professor Gans’ website: Moreover, Professor Gans consciously put a hyperlink on his website to the paper titled “Urinal protocol vulnerability” by xkcd. Professor Gans should have anticipated that someone would make fun of this - which is all I did in MWD.

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